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Shona Lowes

Clinical Psychologist

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Simply Calm Kids

Mindfulness in the classroom

This is a programme designed for teachers to enable implementation of

mindfulness techniques and strategies as part of the daily classroom routine.

The programme consists of two workshop sessions with optional follow up and

evaluation support.


A range of practical mindfulness activities, advice for introducing daily mindfulness

within the classroom and suggestions on how to use the

Simply Calm Kids journal

will be provided.


Teacher consultations

and professional supervision


I am able to offer consultations to individual teachers or to a group of

teachers regarding issues such as:

Behaviour management

Understanding anxiety in children

Specific learning issues


Also, professional supervision to school counsellors or pastoral staff


Visual spelling for dyslexia

Indivdual teacher consultations or workshops


This is an approach that has been shown to help children overcome

their negative beliefs about their ability to spell.

Visual spelling is a very specific and effective strategy to help children with dyslexia or poor spelling,

it can be used in addition to other teaching approaches,

it is fun for children to learn and easy for teachers

to introduce to either individual children or the whole class.







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