Equilibria Psychology

Shona Lowes

Clinical Psychologist

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Online Services

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Skype sessions

are available for:


Professional supervision


Parenting advice


Individual therapy for older teenagers

and young adults


For more information or to arrange an appointment please


 contact me

There are many benefits to contacting and seeing a psychologist online,

through email or video link (Skype, Zoom or Facetime).

Of course, the most obvious being, that it is easier to find session times to fit with a busy work or family schedule.


All sessions are tailored to individual needs using a combination of 'face to face' video link, emailed information sheets and email correspondence to report progress and provide ongoing support.


I offer the following sessions online:




Mindful Parenting Courses.


Individual therapy for adults, older teenagers and students.


Advice to parents for managing difficulties related to

children or younger teenagers.


Visualisation for spelling difficulties (Parent and Child).


Professional Supervision.





For more information or to arrange an appointment

contact me