Equilibria Psychology

Shona Lowes

Clinical Psychologist

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I write about issues related to childhood, parenting and teenagers as well as other specific psychological and emotional difficulties. You can see my full blog here:





Below are links to some of my blog articles:

Teenagers and depression


Identifying signs that your child is feeling sad, is experiencing low mood or is depressed.

Advice for Parents.


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Woman sitting on a picnic table with a view.

Mindful Visualisation for sleep


Try this visualisation to help settle to sleep at bedtime

or to help you return to sleep when you wake during the night.


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Gaining control of Panic


A panic attack is a physiological state,

which is temporary. It is important to have an understanding of your panic reactions and to have a range of strategies to manage this extreme anxiety. This article suggests a few simple techniques.


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Therapeutic journal writing


Free writing can help to make sense of confusing emotions and thoughts.

This article describes a form of reflective journal writing that can have amazing therapeutic effects.


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The pleasures of alfresco

dining with young children


Eating  out with young children is often stressful

and many parents avoid doing this.

Here are some tips to make eating out  an enjoyable experience for both parent and child.


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Visual spelling for dyslexia


This article is an introduction to the effectiveness of visualisation to overcome spelling difficulties,

improve self-esteem and confidence.


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